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It's About Money, Not Air

Compressed Air Consultants, Inc (CAC) is completely independent of the compressor companies and will not take any money to promote their products.  In fact, less than 5% of our studies recommend new compressors. In most plants, CAC’s approach is to go deeper and more precisely into the system.  That’s because the one to two thirds of the opportunity is on the demand side.  It’s also because precision eliminates the risk of missing ROI with estimates and “Best Practices”.  


CAC can complete any part of the project you don’t have the time, resources or inclination to do. We can perform audits, detailed design, project management and turnkey systems with projects completed on time, on budget, while minimizing interruptions. CAC understands the technical and commercial aspects to compressed air systems and effectively communicates the problems, and opportunities with your air system

Feasibility Study

This is usually a free service and it determines whether there is an opportunity to successfully complete a project that meets the client’s needs. That usually means whether or not an ROI project exists. This is an interview process where we discuss the potential goals of an audit and the characteristics of the demand, distribution, and supply side of your compressed air system. It usually takes 15 to 30 min. from someone that knows supply side and someone that knows demand side in the facility. The output report details the current cost of operation, the estimated potential for cost reduction, the evidence supporting this, and the suggested scope of work that is appropriate for this particular site. From a corporate perspective, this is a tool which can assess the opportunity at all the facilities and then assist in prioritizing on the plant by plant basis.

Project Work

CAC will do any part of the project that the client doesn’t have the interest, capabilities, time, or resources to do themselves. This extends to the project itself. We can manage the entire project, assist in the project management, or even turnkey the project, thereby keeping our company on the hook for a successful outcome. This step would include an analysis and design of the objectives, work planning, risk management, estimating and acquisition of resources, directing of activities, controlling the project execution, tracking and reporting progress, quality management, identifying managing and controlling changes, project closure and communicating all the above to the stakeholders.


The audit is where the project is created at a conceptual level. During the audit we look at supply-side efficiency, supply-side clean up equipment, distribution pressure drop, demand, repair and maintenance procedures, and other areas of interest that show up as we dig into the system. The output report consists of an executive summary the financial impact of a project, and an action plan with budgetary numbers. Written material, drawings, charts, and spreadsheets are included in the report in most cases to illustrate and explain what was found and why certain recommendations were made. The idea behind this is that anyone within the facility for maintenance, to design to production to finance all can read the same report and have a common understanding of how the system operates.

Sustaining Services

Many clients implement projects and get outstanding results just to see the system revert back to the norm in just a few years. CAC offers a complete line of customizable post project actions which are designed to keep the hard-earned savings that the project help the company realize. This eliminates the need for future audits and instead provide more frequent and precise feedback as to system operation as well as reducing on site work to activities such as annual inspections only. For more information regarding the various activities within sustaining services, please contact CAC.

Detailed Design

The purpose of the Detailed Design is to turn the conceptual ideas in the audit into precise and specific instructions and specifications for the trades and the OEMs who will support the project. During detailed design, the auditor reviews original audit, confirms the original findings and creates the scope of work for the mechanical, electrical, plumbers, controls as well as specifications for any equipment providers. In many cases, we will conduct the bid meetings and answer any design questions and as an option we can even review the bids. The output report for this step includes the design basis specifications, the shutdown work, mechanical scope of work, electrical scope of work were detail, control scope of work, equipment specification, and civil scope of work when necessary. This would include written instructions, drawings, pictures and any other pertinent information to the various interested parties.

Additional Services

Compressed Air Consultants offers additional services along with our Compressed Air Audit. It's Important for every compressed air system to have a quality leak study program. CAC can perform a one time leak study or establish a program with the company for routine compressed air leak studies. Another important precaution you must take, especially if the manufacturing process involves the food services, is compressed air quality testing. CAC can test your compressed air quality as a one time process or establish a program with the company for routine compressed air quality testing. Contact CAC if you are interested in any of the additional services we offer.


About Us


Compressed Air Consultants (CAC) was founded in 1994 as a part time business serving the needs of customers in South Florida.  In 2003, it became a full blown business when Paul Edwards left Ingersoll Rand and joined forces with Mike Lenti.  Both principals of the company have unique backgrounds which combine to give a unique understanding on the process of air system improvements.

Paul Edwards, President ​

​Paul Edwards started with Ingersoll Rand in 1982 and held several positions primarily in the field until 1997.  In 1997, he was brought to the headquarters to act as Ingersoll Rand’s rotary screw product manager which eventually morphed into being the global product manager for rotary screws.  In 1999, Ingersoll promoted him to the North American marketing manager.  In 2001 he was again promoted and became one of two individuals responsible for

starting up Ingersoll Rand’s fledgling audit business when IR bought Plant Air Technologies.  That audit business actually meant that overnight, Ingersoll Rand became the largest audit organization in North America with roughly 40 auditors.  On the particularly difficult jobs, Ingersoll was forced to farm out some of the work as their crop of high skill auditors was limited.  It was then that Paul came to the conclusion that Mike was one of the

most talented auditors in the country.  So when he departed Ingersoll Rand to start up an independent audit company, he immediately went to Mike and started working together.

Michael Lenti, Principal 

Mike Lenti started with Spring Industries as an electrical engineer and quickly rose to be the Director of Energy with responsibility for over 50,000 hp of compressors including centrifugal, dry screw and rotary screw.  Energy was a major component of the cost of textiles and compressed air was a major component of the energy cost.  Hence, it became clear to Mike that understanding compressed air was critical to reducing the operating cost for his company.  And master it he did.  Mike learned quite a bit from the manufacturers and even challenged some of the existing dogma of the day with regards to compressed air in textiles.  He learned so much about air that he eventually was hired by Duke Energy/Duke Solutions as a compressed air auditor.  There he audited compressed air systems primarily in the US for cost reductions with a special focus on energy.




About CAC 

The value in this partnership, as in any partnership, is that the two partners complement each other.  Mike has a profound knowledge base on the technical side, the utility side and how projects happen.  Paul has a deep and wide understanding of how the compressor business technically but also how the compressor companies think and operate.  The combination of their backgrounds means that they know how to create projects with the highest ROI by reducing cost at minimal capital with much of the capital reduction related to either designing new equipment out of the design and creating dogfights between manufacturers for whatever equipment is required.

Since the re-founding of the business, they have focused on how to take clients to the next level when it comes to compressed air costs.  This includes refinement of supply side controls, development of methods for demand side reductions, extension of lubricant life, and sustaining services.


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Compressor Lubricant

Enduralube is the ultimate in compressor lubricants! It provides; non varnish operation due to a high flash point, high temperature operation due to high thermal conductivity, low oil carryover to keep maintenance cost to a minimum, as well as extended life over OEM lubricants.

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