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Detailed Design Examples

CAC can develop the scopes of work for installers/contractors, project managers and equipment providers for the compressed air project as outlined in the action plan provided during the audit.  All specifications for equipment are vendor neutral unless specific brands are required by the client.  The type of drawings and illustrations are dependent upon the individual job.  If your plant has specific requirements regarding these, be it software language, as built, minimum expectations, etc, CAC can provide the documents you need. Below are examples of various Detailed Design documents from completed compressed air projects. 

Design Basis

Page 2 DD.png
Page 27 DD.png

Equipment Specifications

Equip Specs 1.png
Equip Specs 2.png

Existing Vs Proposed - Compressed Air System

Detailed Design Example 1_Page_1.png
Detailed Design Example 1_Page_2.png

Side Views when Required

Detailed Design Example 1_Page_3.png

3D Views when Required

3D Layout_edited.jpg

Project Mechanical Piping Specifications

3D Layout 2.png
Compressed Air Piping System Specifications.png

Project Bill of Materials


Mechanical Scope of Work

Mech SOW.png
Mech SOW 2.png

Electrical Scope of Work

Elec SOW 1.png
Elec SOW 2.png
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